What is the opposite of an apostle?


What is the opposite of apostle?

heretic infidel

What is another word for apostle?

What is another word for apostle?

disciple follower
adherent supporter
advocate believer
convert devotee
upholder zealot

What is the opposite of the holy?

Holy means dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred. The opposite would thus be not relating to that which is sacred or religious; secular which is Profane.

What is the opposite of divinity?

Opposite of the property of being sacred. impiety. irreverence. ungodliness. wickedness.

What is the opposite of an exodus?

‘Exodus’ means a mass departure of people. So, the opposite of the word will be ‘influx’, option D. ‘Influx’ means arrival or entry of people in large numbers.

What is a proselytizer?

a person who to tries to persuade other people to accept a particular religious or political belief, idea, or way of life: I sat next to a woman who turned out to be a Buddhist proselytizer. She is a tireless proselytizer for her profession. See. proselytize.

What is the full meaning of prophet?

1 : someone who declares publicly a message that he or she believes has come from God or a god. 2 : a person who predicts the future.

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What is the opposite word of God?

When asked the question, “What is the opposite of God?” most would answer the devil. Although these are two opposing forces and scripture always mentions a righteous one referring to God, while the other one is evil referring to the Devil, this view would be controversial to orthodox thinkers.

What is the true opposite of love?

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.

What is the negative meaning of mortal?

deadly, mortal, fatal, lethal mean causing or capable of causing death. deadly applies to an established or very likely cause of death. a deadly disease mortal implies that death has occurred or is inevitable.

What is the opposite of divine intervention?

Noun. Opposite of act of god. human intervention. human action. human activity.

What is Exodus called in Spanish?

Éxodo. (Translation of exodus from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is another word for mass exodus?

•Other relevant words: (noun)

refugee flow, turnover, disbandment, disbandments.

What do you call someone who spreads the word of God?

“Missionary” is generally used to mean someone who has made converting others to his religion his life’s work. The usual connotation is that this is his job: he is supported by a church or missionary organization or some form of contributions from others.

What is a Proselytic faith?

Proselytism (/ˈprɒsəlɪtɪzəm/) is the policy of attempting to convert people’s religious or political beliefs. It has come to be seen as a form of involuntary forced conversion through bribery, coercion, or violence, as such, proselytism is illegal in some countries.

What are the gifts of a prophet?

“Prophetic” gifts include any gift involving teaching, encouraging, or rebuking others. “Priestly” gifts include showing mercy and care for the needy or involve intercession before God. “Kingly” gifts are those involving church administration or government.

Is Jesus a prophet?

Jesus pressed his closest disciples to discover the deeper truth that he was the Messiah (Mark 8:27-30). Later theologians would speak of the three-fold offices of Christ: he was not only a prophet, but also our priest and king.

Why it is called unholy Trinity?

The impossible trinity (also known as the impossible trilemma or the Unholy Trinity) is a concept in international economics which states that it is impossible to have all three of the following at the same time: a fixed foreign exchange rate. free capital movement (absence of capital controls)

Why is Trinity not in the Bible?

The word “Trinity” can be found nowhere in the Bible. It is completely incongruous with scriptural understanding of God. God is not three persons. There is only one God and it is the Father.

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Does God have a gender?

Though Church teaching, in line with its Doctors, holds that God has no literal sex because they possess no body (a prerequisite of sex), classical and scriptural understanding states that God should be referred to (in most contexts) as masculine by analogy.

What is feminine of God?

The Talmud also introduces the term Shekhinah to connote God’s presence in the world. Though the term is grammatically feminine, in the Talmud it is not explicitly gendered, though in some passages it refers to moments when God shares in human experiences of loneliness, loss, and exile.

What is the opposite of biblical joy?

It’s hopelessness. The promise to. us as followers of Jesus is.

What color is the opposite of blue?

The color blue is a primary color, one of the foundational three colors, along with red and yellow. Its complementary color, or the color that sits directly opposite blue on the color wheel, is orange. Orange is a secondary color produced by mixing two primary colors, red and yellow.

What is the power of God called?

Omnipotence is the quality of having unlimited power. Monotheistic religions generally attribute omnipotence only to the deity of their faith.

What are the types of divinity?

The four types include biblical theology, historical theology, systematic (or dogmatic) theology, and practical theology.

What is the biblical definition of mortal?

having no limits or boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude. heavenly. of or belonging to heaven or god.

Why is it called a mortal enemy?

Literally it means enemies who would kill you, but it is routinely used (e.g. in company politics) to stress that one person really does not like a particular other person. . Mortal enemy: an enemy who wants to kill you. Mortal = deadly, as any dictionary will tell you.

What is the spiritual meaning of divine intervention?

Divine intervention is the interference of a deity in human life, popularly extended to any miraculous-seeming turn of events.

What is the meaning of God’s intervention?

Divine intervention is an event that occurs when a deity (i.e. God or a god) becomes actively involved in changing some situation in human affairs.

What does Exodus literally mean?

Exodus (in the Greek, Latin, and English versions) means “a going out,” referring to… Since Exodus continues the sacred story of the divine promise to Israel begun in Genesis, it must be seen as part of a larger literary unit that is variously understood to include the first four, five, or six books of the Bible.

What is Leviticus called in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, the book of Leviticus is named for its opening word, “vayikra,” meaning “and he called.” Here God calls out to Moses, transmitting a set of instructions for what will be the sacrificial system of the Temple.

What is the meaning of the phrase to be above board?

/əˈbʌv bɔːrd/ If a plan or business agreement is above board, it is honest and not trying to deceive anyone: The deal was completely open and above board. Honesty, openness & sincerity. (as) man to man idiom.

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What does Exodus mean synonym?

Definitions of exodus. a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment. synonyms: hegira, hejira. type of: escape, flight.

What is it called when you switch religions?

Religious conversion is the adoption of a set of beliefs identified with one particular religious denomination to the exclusion of others. Thus “religious conversion” would describe the abandoning of adherence to one denomination and affiliating with another.

What is it called when you make someone do something they don’t want to do?

Threats and harsh treatment meant to make you do something you don’t want to do is duress.

What is a strict religious person called?

The word fundamentalist is used most often to talk about religion. As an adjective, it describes a very strict, literal interpretation of a religious text or set of beliefs, and the noun means a person who holds those firm, often extreme, beliefs.

What do you call someone who loves God?

“Philotheos” and “theophilos” In Greek, philotheos means “loving God, pious”, as philosophos means a lover of wisdom (sophia).

What is an example of proselytizing?

Proselytize is to preach your religion or beliefs especially to convert others, or to promote a certain course of action. An example of proselytize is when you explain Christian theology to try to convince your Agnostic friend to join the Christian faith.

Is Islam a proselytizing religion?

The three religions that are proselytizing religions, seeking more members actively are: Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. Islam is the fastest growing of the traditions and will most likely have the most adherents in the world by 2020.

What is a prophetic voice?

It centers around God’s divine revelation to humanity and then becomes expressed through people who take up the message of God’s truth and speaking truth into new contexts.

Who was the first female prophet in the Bible?

Huldah (Hebrew: חֻלְדָּה Ḥuldā) was a prophet mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in 2 Kings 22:14–20 and 2 Chronicles 34:22–28. According to the Bible, she was a prophetess.

How do I activate my gift of prophecy?

Activating the Gift of Prophecy will help you:

  1. Start operating in the gift of prophecy in accordance with Scripture.
  2. Discern the voice of God through different spiritual senses.
  3. Separate soul from spirit when it comes to hearing God.
  4. Operate in prophetic protocol to deliver words effectively.

What are the 3 roles of Jesus?

The doctrine states that Jesus Christ performed three functions (or “offices”) in his earthly ministry – those of prophet, priest, and king. In the Old Testament, the appointment of someone to any of these three positions could be sanctioned by anointing him by pouring oil over his head.

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