Who owns the Old North Church?

Is the Old North Church still used?

Old North Church is today one of four church sites among the 16 stops on the Freedom Trail. It is an active congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts with a Sunday morning service at 11 a.m. The current vicar is the Rev. Dr. Matthew Cadwell, who has served since November 2020.

What religion is the Old North Church?

Built in 1723, Old North was an Anglican, or official church of England, rather than a Congregational, or Puritan, church.

What happened at the Old North Church in Boston?

It is most commonly known as the first stop on Paul Revere’s “Midnight Ride,” where he instructed three Boston Patriots to hang two lanterns in the church’s steeple. The lanterns were used to inform Charlestown Patriots that the British were approaching by sea and not by land.

Who is buried under the Old North Church?

Deep in the basement of the Old North Church lay the remains of more than 1,100 Bostonians. It’s a dark and dusty final resting place that’s been mostly forgotten for generations.

What is special about Old North Church?

Visit the site that launched the American Revolution! Built in 1723, Boston’s oldest church is best known for the midnight ride of Paul Revere and “One if by land, two if by sea.”

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Who built the Old North Church?

Old North Church/Architects

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