Is pray com biblically accurate?

Is pray com biblical?

Biblical content

A paid subscription includes access to premium audio content, such as biblically-inspired meditations and bedtime stories, and Bible stories for children. produces Radio drama style with actors voicing stories from the bible.

What denomination is behind pray com?

Capitalists Invest $2M in ‘’, a Startup Guided by the Roman Catholic Church.

Who is behind pray com?

Steve Gatena – Founder & CEO – | LinkedIn.

What denomination is the pray app?

The app, called Click to Pray, is available on both Android and iOS devices and will allow over 1 billion Catholics worldwide to pray with the pope online.

Who reads the Bible on pray com?

Pray, Inc. encourages downloading its app to listen to James Earl Jones’ narration of the Bible and other bedtime Bible stories. Pray, Inc.

Is pray com a good app?

This app brings great stories to life from the Bible. It’s ideal to keep your mind flooded with vivid descriptions of the word of God. sends you daily prayer reminders, so you can easily find prayers and other inspiring stories with just a few clicks.

How much is pray com monthly?

Top In-App Purchases

Title Duration Price Premium Subscription (Monthly) Monthly $7.99
Pray Bible Experience (Annual) Annual $69.99
Pray Bible Experience (Annual) Annual $109.99
Pray Bible Experience (Annual) Annual $49.99

What religion is glorify app?

Glorify is a Christian Daily Worship and well-being app designed to strengthen a user’s relationship with God through bite-sized daily devotionals, a library full of meditations, declarations, prayers and exclusive music, and much more.

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What is the company praying?

Praying is a cult clothing brand founded by designers Skylar Newman and Alex Haddad. In the era of social media, Praying built its fanbase with its Holy Trinity Bikini which created an instant buzz which featured Father, Son and Holy Spirit print (along with a little controversy which doesn’t hurt right?).

How do I pray for work?

Prayer for the Workplace

Dear Heavenly Father, As I enter my workplace today, I invite you to join me so that everyone here will sense your presence. I give you this day and ask you to work through me by the power of the Holy Spirit. May I convey your peace, just as I am aware of your comforting proximity at all times.

Is the hallow app approved by the Catholic Church?

Tech Meets Faith. As a Catholic prayer app, Hallow draws on the foundations of meditation and finding peace — and God — in moments of silence. Guided audio meditation through the rosary, morning and nightly prayer routines, Lectio Divina…

Is Daily prayer app free?

Daily Prayer is a beautiful, ad free, experiential app designed to develop long lasting spiritual rhythms of prayer and scripture reading.

Is the Bible app the same as YouVersion?

YouVersion (also known as or the Bible App) is an online and mobile Bible platform published for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and many other operating platforms.

Who narrates the King James Version of the Bible?

British narrator Christopher Glyn, who draws on 35 years experience as a Christian narrator and broadcaster to bring you this expressive reading which captures the beauty and power of God’s Word and makes the King James English clear and easy to understand.

How do I pray to God for healing?

Loving God, I pray that you will comfort me in my suffering, lend skill to the hands of my healers, and bless the means used for my cure. Give me such confidence in the power of your grace, that even when I am afraid, I may put my whole trust in you; through our Savior Jesus Christ.

How do I pray to God?

What follows can help you learn how to pray.

  1. Prayer Has Four Simple Steps.
  2. Step 1: Address Heavenly Father.
  3. Step 2: Thank Heavenly Father.
  4. Step 3: Ask Heavenly Father.
  5. Step 4: Close in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  6. Praying in a Group.
  7. Pray Always, With Sincerity and With Faith in Christ.
  8. Prayers Will Always Be Answered.

Where is pray com located? is located in Santa Monica, California, United States .

Is pray paid app? is free to download and use for Pray Radio, Podcast Channels, daily prayers, and prayer requests. Paid subscriptions in the Philippines is pegged at P99 per month for additional premium content. About 90% of the content on the app is free with 10% additional premium content available upon subscription.

What is prayer simple?

1a(1) : an address (such as a petition) to God or a god in word or thought said a prayer for the success of the voyage. (2) : a set order of words used in praying. b : an earnest request or wish. 2 : the act or practice of praying to God or a god kneeling in prayer.

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Who is behind glorify app?

Pictured above: From left to right, Henry Costa and Ed Beccle, co-CEOs of Glorify. The two met at a co-working space when Costa was doing angel investing in London. According to Beccle, they instantly hit it off and he asked Costa if he would be his co-founder at their previous company. They later co-founded Glorify.

How much does the glorify app cost?

The pricing for Glorify starts at $9.99 per month. Glorify has 2 different plans: Pro Plan at $9.99 per month. Business Plan at $27.99 per month.

What is the most common prayer in the Bible?

The most common prayer among Christians is the “Lord’s Prayer”, which according to the gospel accounts (e.g. Matthew 6:9-13) is how Jesus taught his disciples to pray.

How did Jesus define prayer?

Jesus said that prayer should be a private time between God and the worshipper. Jesus does not mean that it is wrong to pray with others, but the prayers should be sincere and for the right motives.

Why do people pray?

Prayer helps you develop a relationship with God

Just like your parents here on earth, your Heavenly Father wants to hear from you and talk to you. When you pray, He listens. Then He answers your prayers in the form of thoughts, spiritual feelings, scripture, or even the actions of other people.

Is it prey or pray?

Is It ‘Pray’ or ‘Prey’? In a religious context, to pray is to speak to a god in order to give thanks or to ask for something. Pray can also mean “to make a request in a humble manner.” The verb prey refers to seizing, devouring, or having a harmful effect on something.

Can I pray to God for a job?

Prayer to find a job

Dear God, I thank you that your word says that you know what I need before I ask. I am seeking employment and trusting you to place me in the best position. Not only to meet my financial needs but to contribute to my success in future endeavors.

What church made the YouVersion Bible?

It’s funded entirely by donations ($3 million was donated to sustain the app last year) and by, which has poured $20 million into it. is a tech-savvy evangelical church started by pastor Craig Groeschel in 1996. YouVersion is largely the brainchild of LifeChurch.

Is there a Catholic Bible app?

Verbum Catholic Bible Study

Verbum is an app loaded with not only the entire Bible, Catechism, and Vatican documents, but also includes study resources and Bible reading plans tailored to what you want to learn and/or pray about.

Who invented Hallow?

Alex Jones, the CEO and co-founder of Hallow. The company just raised $40 million in Series B funding. Organized religion and the tech industry make for interesting bedfellows.

How many people have downloaded the hallow app?

The app is currently being used in over 150 different countries and has been downloaded over 2,600,000 times. We founded Hallow out of a need in our own lives.

How do I pray to Jesus everyday?

That said, ponder these eleven personal requests I’ve started bringing daily to God.

  1. Examine me.
  2. Forgive my sins.
  3. Fill me with Your Spirit.
  4. Restore and strengthen me.
  5. Grant me wisdom.
  6. Protect my mind.
  7. Stifle Satan.
  8. Suppress unbelief and supply faith.
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What is a good prayer for everyday?

Father in heaven, I stand before You today in Your omnipotent presence to ask that You grant me strength. I want You to give me the strength to power through all of the tasks today — whether little or big. It is by Your will that I live oh Lord. And I know it is also by Your will I will not go weak today.

Who is the black actor that reads the Bible?

The 21-hour Bible Experience, based on Today’s New International Version of the Bible, is read exclusively by black actors with Denzel Washington as Solomon and Samuel L Jackson in the role of God.

Which version of the Bible does James Earl Jones read?

James Earl Jones Reads the Bible: The King James Version of the New Testament.

Is it okay to read Bible on phone?

Finally, the Bible on your phone or tablet can be very helpful at church, in your small group, and for communicating with other believers. Many Bible apps allow for you to create an account so you can save highlights, notes, and even mark up the text with a stylus.

Which Bible App has all the translations?


YouVersion offers a variety of Bible translations and services on their app. They have the Bible in more than 900 languages and over 1,000 Bible translations.

How long is James Earl Jones reading Bible?

Product details

Listening Length 17 hours and 15 minutes
Author Topics Media Group
Narrator James Earl Jones Release Date December 04, 2003
Publisher Topics Media Group

Does Morgan Freeman narrate the Bible?

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

What is the 4 types of prayer?

Forms of prayer. The tradition of the Catholic Church highlights four basic elements of Christian prayer: (1) Prayer of Adoration/Blessing, (2) Prayer of Contrition/Repentance, (3) Prayer of Thanksgiving/Gratitude, and (4) Prayer of Supplication/Petition/Intercession.

What is Y in prayer?

A: Ask. Y: Yield. Here is how we PRAY scripture, with a little more detail. P: Praise and Thanksgiving. R: Read to God who is within, seeking the heart of the passage.

What is the most powerful prayer for a miracle?

My Lord, you know the peril I am in. I give my condition to you, knowing that your ability to grant a miracle is far beyond anything I can conceive, and your grace is limitless. I thank you that even though this is impossible with man, with you, all things are possible. Amen.

Should you pray every night?

They do not have to pray every night, but many Christians do because they want to end their day thanking and praising God. Many Christians will also pray for rest and peace during their sleep. Since our days can easily be filled with worry or stress, we should be diligent about taking time each night to pray.

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