Which one of the following events in Bernice Bobs Her Hair is an example of an epiphany Weegy?

Which one of the following events in Bernice Bobs Her Hair is an epiphany?

C. Bernice suddenly understands how others see her. The meaning of Epiphany is a sudden and striking realization, so the answer is C. because Bernice realizes that other people see her different than she sees herself.

During what part of Bernice Bobs Her Hair does Bernice cut Missouri’s braids?

In “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the climax is when Bernice decides to be different, act popular and bob her hair. And in this case we have a cliffhanger: when Bernice realizes Marjorie tricked her into bobbing her hair, she cuts Marjorie’s braids and leaves town.

What is an epiphany?

3a(1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something. (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event) usually simple and striking. (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.

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What happens in Bernice Bobs Her Hair?

A scathing satire on the viciousness of the American privileged lasses, ‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’ is about a young girl who goes to stay with her callous cousin. When she proves unpopular at the local dance, she enlists the help of her cousin to make her desirable to the local young men.

What reason does Marjorie give to Bernice bobbing her hair?

Marjorie pressures Bernice to change the way she looks, acts, and talks so that she can become more “popular”. Consequentially, the peer pressure drives Bernice to bob her hair, an action that is not positively looked upon in the early 1920’s.

Why is it called the Epiphany?

The name Epiphany comes from the Greek epiphaneia, meaning “appearance” or “manifestation,” and refers to the manifestation of Jesus Christ to the world. The holiday is also called the Feast of Epiphany, Theophany, or Three Kings’ Day.

What is another name for epiphany?

What is another word for epiphany?

insight inspiration
realisationUK realizationUS
revelation enlightenment
oracle vision
discovery flash

What does Bernice do with Marjorie’s braids?

In front of Warren’s house, she sets down her luggage for a minute, and hurls Marjorie’s two braids onto his porch, and laughs wildly.

When the story begins Marjorie doesn’t like Bernice Why?

When the story begins, Marjorie doesn’t like Bernice. Why? A. She feels that Bernice is far too popular and she is stealing her boyfriend.

Which does Marjorie experience in Bernice Bobs Her Hair?

By fashioning her cousin in her own image, Marjorie creates the agent of her own downfall; in Bernice, she takes on a project that succeeds all too well. The new Bernice, as constructed by her cousin, has all of the traits that make Marjorie successful: beauty, wit, style, and ultimately, true ruthlessness.

What is the setting of Bernice Bobs Her Hair?

Nameless Midwestern city, 1920.

What is Bernice’s Bluff How does Marjorie respond?

How does Marjorie call Bernice’s bluff? she coldly exposes the truth and calls Bernice’s bluff by challenging her to bobbed or was it just a line she used to get people’s attention. How does Bernice feel after her hair is bobbed?

What does epiphany mean in love?

An Epiphany Relationship is a relationship that caused you to have a sudden clarity and insight into that particular relationship, yourself, your actions, and potentially all of your relationships.

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What is the epiphany in everyday use?

Maggie has an epiphany in her sense of triumph that she has been given something for once and is put first. At the end of the story, Dee tells Maggie, “It’s really a new day for us.

Is Epiphany a feeling?

As a feeling, an epiphany is a sudden realisation or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something.

Why is Epiphany so important?

The Feast of the Epiphany, as I mentioned before, is a really important day for Christian. This day closes the Christmas cycle. The event celebrates the day, when the Magi from the East, also called Kings, went to Bethlehem to bow to the newborn Jesus.

How do you use epiphany in a sentence?

Examples of ‘epiphany’ in a sentence epiphany

  1. He’s standing in the middle of a battlefield and has this moment of epiphany.
  2. For me, it was a moment of epiphany.
  3. She had been dreading her fifth decade, but instead experienced an epiphany.
  4. His epiphany didn’t come wholly out of the blue.

What part of speech is the word epiphany?

A manifestation or appearance of a divine or superhuman being.

What is after rising action?

In a plot line, the climax occurs after the rising action and before the falling action. Definition: The part of the plot in a work of literature that follows the climax and ends in the resolution. This is in contrast to the rising action which leads up to the plot’s climax.

Who is visiting from Eau Claire in Bernice Bobs Her Hair?

This short story is about two cousins who have different personalities. Marjorie Harvey’s dull and boring cousin Bernice from Eau Claire is visiting for the whole month during the summer.

Does Bernice cut Marjorie’s braids?

That night, Bernice flees – but, before she goes, she gets her revenge by cutting off Marjorie’s long, beautiful braids of hair as she sleeps. Bernice leaves town triumphantly.

What is the significance of Bernice’s last utterance Scalp the selfish thing?

Her final line, “Scalp the selfish thing!” refers back to Marjorie’s pejorative comment about Bernice’s “crazy Indian blood”; through this parallel, Fitzgerald suggests that there’s something ancestrally savage about this new, liberated Bernice.

Who are the two main characters in Bernice Bobs Her Hair?


  • Bernice.
  • Marjorie Harvey.
  • Warren McIntyre.
  • The Girls: Genevieve Ormonde, Roberta Dillon, Martha Carey.
  • The Guys: Otis Ormonde, G. Reece Stoddard.
  • Mrs. Harvey.
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Who is Otis in Bernice Bobs Her Hair?

Otis Ormonde

Mrs. Harvey’s friend, who is vehemently opposed to bobbed haircuts. Otero, Joey. “Bernice Bobs Her Hair Characters.” LitCharts.

What are the symbols of Epiphany?

The traditional symbols of Epiphany are usually associated with the three wise men that came to see baby Jesus. Some symbols include three crowns or one, various depictions of the wise men, a combination of a star and crown, three gifts, and a five pointed star.

How do you describe someone having an Epiphany?

In literature, a character has an epiphany when they experience a sudden insight or realization that changes their understanding. The term was made popular by James Joyce and fully divulged in his autobiographical novel, Stephen Hero.

How do you write an epiphany?

How to Write an Epiphany

  1. Begin with a story rooted in an everyday occurrence.
  2. Insert a moment of revelation, or epiphany, into the story.

Is epiphany a good thing?

It’s great to have an epiphany, but what you do with that new clarity is what matters most. Most of our habits are so ingrained in our life that changing behaviors causes recourse in life. Most epiphanies force us to see situations and ourselves in a new light.

What is an epiphany of a character’s actions in a story?

Epiphany is the sudden realization that a character experiences which usually results in a change of heart on the character’s part as well as a change in action for the plot structure. Epiphanies are important because they serve to help a character show growth over the course of a story.

Why is an epiphany important to a reader?

Epiphanies also represent narrative turning points. Writers use them to redirect the plot, either by challenging a protagonist’s worldview or enabling sudden understanding that inspires a new course of action. Such shifts often heighten the tension, keeping readers engrossed and engaged.

What is epiphany in literature example?

An Epiphany is a term in literary criticism for a sudden realization, a flash of recognition, in which someone or something is seen in a new light. In Stephen Hero (1904), Irish author James Joyce used the term epiphany to describe the moment when the “soul of the commonest object . . . seems to us radiant.

What is a synonym for epiphany?

What is another word for epiphany?

insight inspiration
revelation enlightenment
oracle vision
discovery flash
sign satori
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