What happens if I lost my SIN card?

If you have lost your SIN, or if it was stolen, Service Canada will not issue a new one. Service Canada may issue a new SIN only if there is proof that the SIN was used fraudulently. If you think this may apply to you, refer to Protecting your SIN for more information.

How much is a SIN card replacement?

You’ll receive a SIN confirmation letter that same visit and it is free. The government no longer issues cards if you lost a SIN card. If your SIN was stolen or you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, Service Canada recommends that you: Report this to the police.

How do I replace my lost SIN card?

SIN replacement isn’t difficult. Service Canada can reissue your SIN confirmation letter for free if you apply. In person: Visit your local Service Canada branch with the required information that proves your identity, status, and proof of address.

What happens if I lost my SIN number?

If you forgot your SIN, you may: Find it on your income tax return. Request a confirmation of your SIN from Service Canada by applying and submitting all required documents.

When did they stop issuing SIN cards?

2014 — Service Canada stopped issuing plastic SIN cards. As a measure to prevent identity theft, a confirmation letter, containing the SIN, is sent to the applicant.

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Can I work while waiting for SIN number?

Information for temporary residents

Your previous SIN (whether in a paper format or a plastic card) is no longer valid. Destroy it in a secure manner. If your SIN is expired, you may continue to work while waiting for your new immigration document if you maintain your status during the processing.

What can someone do with your SIN?

“Your SIN can be used to steal your identity. Along with other personal information, someone may be able to use your SIN to apply for a credit card or open a bank account, rent vehicles, equipment, or accommodation in your name, leaving you responsible for the bills, charges, bad cheques, and taxes.”

How do I know if someone is using my SIN number?

Checking your credit report is another good way to see if someone is fraudulently using your SIN. If you see a credit account that you did not open, that’s a good sign that someone has used your SIN to open a new account.

How long does it take to get SIN number online?

For online applications, the government has not provided details on processing times. For mail applications, you should receive your SIN Number within 20 days from the receipt of your application.

Does SIN number expire?

Your SIN has an expiry date. Once that date has passed, your SIN is no longer valid. However, you can ask to have that expiry date changed. To change the expiry date, you have to show a valid documents, like the ones you showed when you first applied for a SIN.

Do I have to give my SIN number to my employer?

Businesses might ask for your SIN as identification or to check your credit rating. Your SIN is confidential and your SIN card is not a piece of identification. Your SIN is issued only to you and you have to protect it. You should only provide your SIN when it is required by law.

Can a SIN start with 0?

A non-resident may be given a tax identification number if they have Canadian source income. These numbers are similar to Social Insurance Numbers but begin with a “0”. A SIN card where the first digit begins with 9 that does not have an expiry date is no longer valid. You will need to re-apply for a SIN card.

Is it illegal to work with expired SIN?

Yes. If you applied to extend your work permit before your initial work permit expired, you can keep working, even if your SIN is expired. This is allowed under the Employment Insurance Act and Regulations.

What is proof of address for SIN?

Proof of address

It must be issued by one of the following: a government, a company, an institution, an organization, a landlord or an employer and be: a document; or. an attestation letter signed by the issuer.

Can I walk in to Service Canada?

Appointments at Service Canada Centres are recommended as walk-in service is offered only if capacity allows. Please book your appointment online at eServiceCanada.

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How long does it take to get SIN number in person?

You will receive your SIN and original documents within 20 business days from the day the application is received.

Who can request your SIN number?

Do not give your Social Insurance Number (SIN) number out to just anyone! It is a confidential number. Some government organizations or private businesses ask for the SIN because it is a simple way to identify you. Many use it as a client account number so that they don’t have to set up their own numbering system.

What do I do if my Social Security number has been compromised?

If you know your Social Security information has been compromised, you can request to Block Electronic Access. This is done by calling our National 800 number (Toll Free 1-800-772-1213 or at our TTY number at 1-800-325-0778).

What is step one if someone steals your identity?

Contact your police department, report the crime and obtain a police report. Decide whether you want to place a security freeze on your credit report.

How do I renew my expired SIN card?

Can You Renew an Expired SIN? Once the expiry date on your SIN has passed you have to visit a Service Canada office in order to ask if the date can be extended. This is reliant on the fact that your planning to stay in Canada and if you have the needed documents to prove your status in the country.

How do I contact Social Insurance Canada?

1-866-274-6627 (toll free number) or, if outside Canada, at 1-506-548-7961 (long distance charges will apply)

Can I apply for SIN at the airport?

Your adventure starts now! Note that there’s a Service Canada booth at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and Vancouver International Airport (YVR) where you can apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN) during regular business hours. If you’re offered this service, take advantage of it!

Can I get a SIN number at Service Ontario?

Service Canada no longer provides plastic SIN cards. There is no application fee for your first SIN. Many settlement agencies can help you apply for a SIN. To find help, go to Services Near Me and search for “settlement services” in your area.

What does a SIN card look like?

The SIN is formatted as three groups of three digits (e.g., 123-456-789). The top of the card has changed over the years as the departments that are responsible for the card have changed: Manpower and Immigration. Employment and Immigration Canada.

Is it safe to send my SIN number over email?

Do not send e-mails containing SIN information outside the Intranet system without the information being encrypted.

Is it illegal for landlords to ask for SIN number?

To clarify, a landlord can ask for your SIN when completing an application to rent a property or negotiating a lease with a landlord, according to the Government of Canada’s website. But you aren’t required to provide it. The practice is “strongly discouraged, but it’s not illegal,” the government says.

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Can a SIN number start with 8?

All digits except eight and zero are used; so, if you see these numbers at the beginning of a SIN, be aware that it isn’t valid.

Can I use bank statement as proof of address for SIN?

3. Proof-of-Address o This document must show and match your current address placed on your online application, including your first and last name. Bank Statement; Power Bill; Internet Bill; Lease; Tax-Return; University/College document; Employment Contract or provincial letter.

Can bank statement be used as address proof?

Passport, rent agreement, bank statement or passbook, driving license, telephone bill, electricity bill, water bill, voter ID card are among the list of 44 documents, that are mentioned on UIDAI’s website that can be used for valid address proof.

What does your Social Insurance Number tell about you?

In 1967, the SIN became a file identifier for income tax. Today, this nine-digit number is used to identify people who earn money through work, pay taxes, contribute to pension plans and use a variety of government services.

Can I change my name on my SIN card online?

The easiest way to update your name with SIN is online as you do not need to mail in original documents. Complete the SIN name change form online at the Canadian government website.

What is the current wait time for a Canadian passport?

The federal government says 72 per cent of Canadians who apply for a passport in any manner will get it within 40 business days, while 96 per cent of people who submit their application in person will get their passport within 10 business days.

How fast can you get a passport in Canada?

3 to 45 business days.

Does SIN number expire?

Your SIN has an expiry date. Once that date has passed, your SIN is no longer valid. However, you can ask to have that expiry date changed. To change the expiry date, you have to show a valid documents, like the ones you showed when you first applied for a SIN.

How long does SIN number take online?

If everything is in order, you will receive a letter with your SIN by mail within 10 business days from the date the application is received. If more than 15 business days have passed and you would like to determine the status of your application, contact the SIN program.

Can I freeze my Social Security?

All consumers can get a free security freeze online, by phone or by mail. A security freeze, also known as a credit or a file freeze, can be lifted (or “thawed”) temporarily when you are applying for credit, or removed permanently.

Can I change my Social Security number?

You can’t change your Social Security number simply because your card has been lost or stolen, or to avoid bankruptcy or legitimate debts. The only other reasons Social Security will consider assigning a new number are: Sequential numbers assigned to members of your family are causing confusion.

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